About Andre Lefebvre

For many people, instrumental music is a perfect companion for quiet times, creativity, spirituality and comfort.


Early years

Like most musicians growing up in a very musical family, I discovered the piano in my teen years. At age 12 I began playing by ear and the instrument quickly became a place of refuge. The piano was like a musical journal - a place to express feelings through creative sounds and musical experimentation. I create instrumental music because that's how music has become a language for me since age 12. It provided me with means of expression that went much further than words.

The color of faith

After coming to faith in my adult years, I found the piano was expanding my prayer language both individually and corporately. In the early 1980's I began to get involved in local churches leading worship, as well as starting a band. At the same time, out of my passion for the instrument, I began an apprenticeship in tuning and repairing pianos in Montreal. I continued being active in leading worship as well as mentoring other musicians throughout the later part of 1980's but began to focus seriously upon my own solo compositions as well, having discovered the emerging world of synthesizers.


In 2000, I released my first solo album titled Heartland Diaries, which received much positive feedback, in particular for its ability to open the door for emotional healing and accompany personal times of prayer.

Heartland Diaries was followed by a contrasting CD titled Patmos, on the book of Revelation. 
Since that time I have released two more albums: Quietude (2003) and Silence (2005), played around the world to facilitate devotional prayer, be it in homes, churches, small groups and even in schools.
In 2018, 27 years after a studio recording session of solo piano in Laval, Quebec, Canada, a new album is released - "Short Stories," a kind of musical personal diary covering nearly 20 years of personal compositions and themes.